Dipl.-Inf. Andreas Schäfer

Since June 2009, Andreas Schäfer is a member of the research staff at the Chair of Computer Architecture. He holds a master's degree in computer science (Diplom-Informatiker).


Homepage: http://www3.informatik.uni-erlangen.de/Persons/schaefer/
E-Mail: andreas.schaefer@informatik.uni-erlangen.de

Research Interests

My research takes place at the boundary between scientific computing applications and high-performance computing: I provide other scientists with tools, enabling them to harness today's parallel computers. For my PhD thesis I focus on LibGeoDecomp, an auto-parallelizing library for stencil codes.

Apart from research, my position also includes teaching (e.g. the lecture Architectures of Supercomputers, which I hold in the winter terms) and administration of our chair's HPC servers.

Scientific Computing

High-Performance Computing

  • cluster computing (particularly multi-clusters)
  • multi-cores (cache effects, vectorization)
  • accelerators (GPGPUs, Cell BE, and FPGA integration)


Screenshots of the Schülerinfotag 2013

Here you can see the screenshots we took during the Schülerinfotag 2013. The demo we ran paired our computer simulation library LibGeoDecomp with the parallel C++ runtime HPX and a particle-in-cell code. Instead of simulating protons in a fusion reactor, we did simulate brush strokes adapting to interactively changing force fields. The simulation and visualization ran on a GPU workstation, the live-steering was done from an Android tablet.