Robot Soccer



Robot-Soccer-System We started our Robot Soccer Project at the University of Jena in 2005. We bought a system from the Merlin Systems Corp. Ltd with six MIABOT CLASSIC robots. The pitch and the lightning system are made by us.

There is a camera system mounted over the pitch for every team. The images delivered from the camera are transferred to a PC where the software engine runs and where the color blobs of the robots are identified. With the positions of the blobs the positions of the robots and their orientation can be calculated. After that the further strategy steps are processed and commands are sent to the robots via a bluetooth modul and then the next iteration starts.


Robot-Soccer-System In 2007 our students started to develop an own software engine (JeRoSo Engine) based on QT. Furthermore we bought new MIABOT PRO robots from Merlin Systems. Now at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität of Erlangen-Nürnberg we want to improve our system. The next development step is to integrate new camera systems with a higher resolution and frame rate then the Unibrain Fire-i cameras which are actual integrated.

Study and Diploma Theses

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