Current Release

To install our current release of FAUmachine, first get, build, and install FAUcc and fauhdlc.

Next, get our current release from our downloads directory (use the link below).

Our current release is version 20120707.

Please visit our downloads directory.

After having built and installed FAUmachine, you can launch a very tiny setup tool by just typing faum at your shell prompt to get started or you can try one of our shipped experiments.

Happy FAUmachining ;)

Pre-built BIOS ROM Images

For systems which do not allow to compile the BIOSes for our mainboards and graphics adapters, we provide pre-built ROM images.

Fink-Based Port for Mac OS X

Owners of an Intel-based Mac who use the Fink Project (remote) can try to copy our info files (can be found now in our regular downloads directories of FAUmachine, the BIOSes, or fauhdlc, resp.) to /sw/fink/dists/local/main/finkinfo/ and fink install the software packages. When asked for a download location, select "Retry using original source URL".