fauhdlc is a VHDL compiler and interpreter. It can compile a subset of VHDL 2000 to an intermediate language. The result can be simulated with an interpreter.

fauhdlc is still in a very early experimental state, where many VHDL constructs are not yet properly supported.


The following image shows a waveform, that resulted from compiling and then simulating a small test-bench for a full-adder.
signal waves of full-adder

Simulating a PCI-controller resulted in the following waveform after tracing the PCI-Bus related signals:
signal waves of PCI-bus


You can download fauhdlc here.

To verify the integrity, please see the corresponding MD5SUMS file in the downloads directory.

Please note, that this is still an experimental release, which most probably doesn't support the feature you might need.


You can contact us via info@faumachine.org if you have question, find bugs or have other suggestions about fauhdlc.